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Who We Serve

While we have the knowledge to help a wide variety of clients, we work best with individuals that are serious about their futures. Most of our clients are:

1. PROACTIVE AND PATIENT- Our ideal clients are clear about what they want in life and are ready to pursue their goals. They anticipate obstacles and embrace challenges.

2. POSITIVE- Our clients enjoy life, see the glass as half full, and believe in making a difference. They live healthy, active, and balanced lives.

3. PRUDENT SAVERS- They are willing to live below their means while accumulating assets.

4. PROCESS-ORIENTED- They value the journey as well as the destination.

5. PARTNERS- They see the wisdom of delegating financial planning to a professional who is committed to achieving their desired results and they want to learn along the way.

6. PRODUCERS- They stick with the program, particularly in the face of adversity, because they know that achievement requires commitment.

The client-advisor relationship is of utmost importance at Momentum Financial Partners, which is why we enjoy serving those individuals who are passionate about their future. Contact us today if a partnership with our firm is something you imagine for yourself and your family.