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Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors®

Get Advice From an Expert

Get Advice From an Expert

Learn about your options by turning to a professional in retirement planning. A Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor or CRPC® designee.

CRPC® designees can provide you with an understanding of complex pre and post retirement issues. From helping you maximize sources of retirement income to guiding you through investments, a CRPC® designee's goal is to help you determine the best time to retire or assist you in expanding on the plans that you've already made.

What are you doing now to support the retirement lifestyle you envision?

Whether retirement seems a long way away or is already a reality, today’s changing times require us to think about the future now. Planning for retirement at any stage of your life means analyzing your needs and wants and evaluating them according to what your financial situation will allow. From there, you’ll need up-to-date information to plan a retirement that will help you consistently maintain your lifestyle. Preparing for retirement can seem like a monumental task, especially if you’re still on the job or are just now finding out that your preretirement preparations weren’t adequate!

Get advice from an expert.

A CRPC® designee can help evaluate your financial status and design the optimal retirement plan for your lifestyle. Get the knowledgeable advice you need on issues such as planning for health care, asset management, beneficiary designations, income tax considerations, estate planning, and more. A CRPC® designee can even help you determine the best time to retire or assist you in expanding on the plans that you’ve already made.

  • Educational Program: The College for Financial Planning® provides CRPC® candidates with a thorough education focusing exclusively on retirement planning. Study materials are written and updated regularly by the College’s full-time faculty, who specialize in retirement planning, and provide the most current information on retirement options.

  • Client Needs Assessment: The CRPC® program teaches candidates how to assess a client’s long-term planning situation and needs—and then evaluate retirement options and make appropriate recommendations. This process is one of the features that distinguishes this program from others in the industry.

  • CRPC® Mark: To be entitled to use this mark, candidates must successfully complete the specialized program and pass a rigorous examination, sign a code of professional ethics, and complete a disclosure form attesting to their professional conduct.

  • American Council on Education (ACE): The CRPC® program has been reviewed by ACE and recommended for college credit in the upper-division baccalaureate level in the categories of finance or investments.

  • Continuing Education Credit: All CRPC® designees must sign a commitment to ongoing continuing education to ensure that they receive up-to-date information about current issues impacting the area of retirement planning.©